09 June 2008

Early Morning Travel

What were we thinking---getting up at 3.00am this morning to catch our morning flight out of Eugene? I guess booking with air miles didn’t leave us much choice, though it was originally scheduled for 8.00am departure instead of 6.00am. The flight changes are a reflection of the consolidation and shrinkage of the industry due to increased fuel costs.

We’ve had a great time the last couple of days. Tammy’s sister (Terry) and husband (Rodney) came down from Seattle with Uncle Bud (Tam’s mum’s younger brother) on Friday afternoon. Sitting around the lounge and telling stories was wonderful! Saturday’s get together with Rick and Margie included a full telling of stories from University days, some of which are even true. Rick was part of our wedding party. Joyce also took part in our meals and memories as a family friend. Joyce made Tam’s dress, cake, and flower arrangement for our wedding.

Speaking of which, we’ve finalised the travel details for Andrew and Jess, and we’re now beginning to plan a renewal of our wedding vows for our 25th anniversary later in the year. This will take place in England with our Dickens Heath Village Church and thethirdplace family and friends, in December.

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