10 June 2008

Los Angeles

There is a reason we’re in LA apart from seeing Jess. Tim is attending a Final Project Symposium for his Doctor of Ministry (DMin) studies. This 2½ day course, led by Dr Peace, is designed to help Tim write a proposal for his Final Project. The proposal is a key piece in providing a focus for thought, research, and writing with specific ministry application in mind. While the final deadline is October 2010 (7 years from start to finish), staged deadlines of 15 August and 15 October of this year for approval of the proposal loom large.

Dr Peace (click here for a description of a book he's recently written and here for more info) is a delightful man, and has really set me at ease about the ‘doability’ of the proposal and the deadlines. Two new points of thinking about it gave me a feeling of relief. The first was that the final project proposal is a tool to progress my thought, research, and writing; that is, the finished product isn’t hogtied to the proposal outline for the 125 to 175 page paper. Second, if I can think about the reading, reflection, and writing as a spiritual discipline that is integrated into my life over the next two years, it will go a long way to making steady progress and bringing it to completion.

Sunday afternoon and being reunited with Jessica was wonderful! We can see her growth and maturity in so many ways. She finished off the semester with top marks, working two part time jobs of 25 plus hours a week and carrying a 17 hour class load. She has a variety of friends (we had lunch with her and Crystal, Miki, Danielle, and Cormack), and can navigate the Los Angeles freeways and traffic like an expert! She’s working full-time this summer in Investigations at Fullerton Police Dept as a police cadet, providing support to the detectives. Where did our little girl go?

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