14 June 2008

Family, Friends, & a Bobcat

The Thursday drive from Fullerton to Mesa was uneventful, but hot! The temps have been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 107 yesterday. We arrived into Mesa and went to see Andrew at his workplace, and was treated immediately to his sense of humour. One of his workmates drew a sketch exhibiting his sarcastic wit, and it depicts Andrew precisely. It says “'Random big word.’ You probably don’t know what that word means!”

Our dinner evening with the small group was fun! Thank you, friends, for your hospitality and generosity to us. One of the couples there were Ona and Ruth, whose daughter Rachel is a sweetie and good friends with Jess. Jess stayed with them the first night, then joined us at Karen and Gary’s last night.

This morning, I had a treat. As I was sitting at the table, tapping away on the laptop finishing preparations for an presentation in the afternoon, a bobcat walked by an arm’s length away just outside the patio window! It walked through the back garden (English term ‘garden’, but actually desert flora and fauna), jumped on a wall and walked along like any alley cat, then jumped into the neighbours front garden. Alas, I tried to talk a photo with my phone, but I hit the wrong button and missed it.

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