31 January 2008

Back in the UK

OK, 'back in the UK' is a bit stale. We've been back since the 11th of October! But back we are, and delighted to say so. After some time of rest and recovery from furlough (it took me almost a month before I really wanted to talk to people -- I was 'peopled out' from all our speaking engagements), some painting and decorating of the upstairs bedrooms, reconnecting with many people, it was suddenly Christmas and the kids had arrived.

Andrew and Jess were here for 2 weeks and 3 weeks, respectively, and we had a great time. Their departure was sad, but signaled time to dig into some new projects. Our time prior to Christmas was essential for regaining a sense of the big picture of our work and ministry here, but now we're settling into new responsibilities and routines. In the days ahead I will tell you more.

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