15 September 2007

Counting Down

Our return date to England draws ever closer. We've been settled into the Stafford, Virginia area for just over a week. Tim has a trip next week to Colorado for a church planters leaders retreat. Tam has a trip to Indianapolis the first week in October. And then just a few days later we're back in England!

What are we missing about England these days? Tam mentions our cats, our bed, and our furniture. Tim starts salivating, when asked, over thoughts of a Lamb Tikka Massala on the evening of our return. But both of us agree that some sense of routine and a return to our friends, where we can live out our call to help people walk in God’s ways, keeps us counting the days.

Where have we been recently? We did enjoy a brief trip to NYC at the end of July. Yes, food was involved, as you can see from the photo of Tim and Ruth enjoying some Malaysian fare. In the middle of August, we were back in Newport News, Virginia for a conference, and saw our friend Teressa -- she's an amazing woman who along with her husband Donnie supports our ministry in England by selling her paintings. At the end of August, after leaving Peggy's 126 acre farm in Salem, Virginia we headed for Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Our weekend in the Howard area was fantastic, and then we spent a couple of days in Kingston, NH with friends Doug and Sandi from our Oregon days some 22 years ago. Yes, Sandi, your cinnamon rolls are still the best in the world!

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