11 February 2007

Odds & Ends

January was a delightful if bittersweet month. The month ended with a visit from Tim's parents (see previous post). But the week before that included a last family meal of the four of us (Tim, Tam, Andrew and Jess) and we had a great time together. I guess I must have been having too much fun, because I got caught in a photo by Tam. This is what will happen to you if you stick black olives up your nose--yes, you will end up looking like Tim!!

The day I took Jess to uni, we dropped Tam off at the airport and she flew to Indianapolis. She was part of an assessment centre which helps to evaluate singles and couples who are looking to live and work in cross-cultural settings. She came home exhausted and took a day to recover.

As for me, I went up into the mountains with a group of about 15 for a weekend training retreat for living and working in a cross-cultural setting. I may have missed riding a four wheel ATV in MN and AZ at Christmas, but I made up for it by driving a four wheel drive vehicle in a couple feet of snow up into the mountains at Show Low, AZ, and then on the return through Payson, AZ down to Mesa. I drove a loaner Yukon that was sweet to drive. I would love to go again!

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Living day by day for Jesus said...

TIM! I lived in Show Low Arizona for a year! I can't believe you were there...it is the middle of nowhere! HA! I loved it there though!