31 January 2007

Family Visits

We've just said goodbye to Tim's mum and dad who visited from MN. Their trip was a gift from their children (Mike, Diane, Tim and Pat) for their 50th anniversary. It was like a mini-family reunion while they were here. We took a trip to Quartzsite, which during the summer has less than 5000 residents, but swells to upwards of 250,000 people in the winter months. We met Tam's dad Marvin and wife Carolyn as well as Tam's aunt Joyce (Marvin's older sister) and uncle Rollin. It was fun getting Joyce and Rollin and Joyce and Rollie together again, the first time since our wedding 23 years ago. It reminded us of the story of another aunt (Ruby, Marvin's oldest sister) of Tammy's who took photos of the four at the wedding day, but went home only to learn she had been taking photos all day without film in her camera!

We also managed to visit with with two of Tim's aunts and an uncle in Mesa. Shirlee (one of Dad's older sisters) and Mert winter in the area, while Marilynn (Dad's youngest sister) happened to be visiting the last couple of weeks. Unknown to us, Marilynn was also booked on the same return flight to MN, so we took them all to the airport.

I don't think they were too happy to leave AZ and the 70 degree F temperatures for the frosty environs of 9 below F temps of MN!

It was a wonderful visit for 5 days with mum and dad, and we're so glad they were here.

For more on some interesting facts and photos of Quartzsite, click on this link: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0101/feature6/

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