02 January 2007

Wonderful Family Times

We had a wonderful time in MN for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. First time everyone together in one place, ever! It was great being able to honor mum and dad. Thanks to Ray and Barb for giving us a place to lay our heads at night. Came home with a cooler full of venison--even if it was delayed by 36 hours before getting to our house in Mesa.

Alas, no snow, therefore no snomobiling. Similarly, in our visit to Lake Havasu City to see Marvin and Carolyn, no working ATV, so no four wheeling in the desert mountains this time around. Maybe next time.

Pictured, from left: Front row: Kathy, Diane (Marla sitting), Dad, Mom, Rollie (sitting), Tammy and Mia; Back Row: Jennifer, John, Mike, David, Harley, Andrew, Jessica, Tim, Alex, Pat, Carly.

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Andi (Andrea) said...

How wonderful to have had such a great visit! There is some venison stew in our freezer you may have when you visit us...Steve won't be here to eat it so it's all yours!