20 December 2006

Christmas Plans

Just 24 hours away from departing to MN for Christmas. I'm hoping for a blizzard, about two days worth, on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. We return on the 26th, so no snow then! And no snow beforehand to prevent travelling to MN from AZ, or to prevent others travelling for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. We'll see my 2 brothers and sister and their spouses, and all the nieces and nephews. That will be cool. Our first Christmas in MN since 1983, the year we were married.

After we return from MN, we'll head to Lake Havasu City to see Tam's Dad and wife for a few days.

I'm hoping that within the time frame of a few days, I'll have gone snowmobiling on the frozen plains of MN and ATV riding in the desert of AZ!


Anonymous said...

Actually, you could ride an ATV in the frozen tundra of Minnesota as well. And then you could say that you rode an ATV in the desert as well. If it is the same ATV, you really put on the miles ;-)

Timothy and Tammy Aho said...

For some odd reason, that didn't occur to me, since my dad has an ATV. Might have to live with the ATV and not the snowmobile since there's so little snow in MN at the moment.

Andi (Andrea) said...

Try to do a wheelie on the ATV for me!
Blessings for safe travels!