07 March 2009

Kao La Tamaini and the Giraffe Project

Tuesday was a 10 hour affair with Japheth visiting three primary schools, one girls secondary boarding school, a few micro-enterprises, vocational training, and visiting the three largest slums of Mathare, Kibera, and Korogocho. Mathare, the largest, has over 800,000 people in an area 1 mile wide by 3 miles long.

At the moment, all I can say, is, 'What an eye-opener!' But wonderful work being done by locals who care for their community. 39 children in a classroom, elbow to elbow in a space some 15 x 20 feet. A mum/guardian caring for children and extended family, sleeping 8 to a bed and 16 in a tin covered shack with tin walls that's some 10 x 12 feet.

My internet access is slow and I'm having trouble picking up e-mails and responding. The schedule is choc-a-bloc and we've been out in Niarobi all day (and again today, Saturday). I may have to wait to provide more update until we get to the Kenyan Coast.....

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joy said...

Having a great time huh. Also some time spent at church things, love yah, mom