09 April 2007

A Day Off

How unusual these days, a day off! I managed to convince Tammy that since we were in an area of ports and navy bases, that a trip to the middle of Norfolk and the USS Wisconsin battleship. It was awesome to go on board. You get on free of charge, and there are volunteers all over the deck to tell you about the ship if you're willing to ask a question. You get on by entering through the Nauticus (http://www.nauticus.org/), a building which houses a museum and cafe and so.

The USS Wisconsin was worth seeing, as was the museum. You can find out more at these two sites:

But if you decide to eat in the cafe there, expect chaos because ordering and paying are separate, and you might have to float a loan to pay for the meal because it was overpriced.

Awesome piece of military equipment, still in the reserve fleet, so no going inside.

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