17 October 2006

Greetings after a bit of an absence; life for the Ahos in America has been a bit fractured as we’ve settled into more of a routine for our time in Arizona. After a load of travel, we’re now looking forward to several months of being ‘home’ here in Mesa.

My last bit of travel (without Tam) was to Pasadena for my DMin class at Fuller Seminary. The course was taught by Dr Archibald Hart on a minister’s personal health. Actually, the material on depression, sexuality, assertiveness, confrontation, marriage and family, stress and adrenalin addiction, sleep, and burnout was not only outstanding, but applicable for anyone.

Our class was one of the smallest Arch has ever had—just seven of us, but very diverse! We had an Aussie, Korean, Chinese, Anglo military chaplain, and a ‘retired’ couple providing pastoral care in a local church but with decades of experience in juvenile detention facilities. Of course, there was me too, but, some would argue, I’m my own diverse universe anyway!

What’s one thing I’m practicing from the class? Sleep. No, I’m not joking. Arch is a guy who travels the world speaking and teaching, and yet gets 9 hours a sleep most every night. He writes books, lectures in a seminary to grad and post-grad students, and finds time to take a relaxing bath before he starts every day. And he’s smart—he was a civil engineer in South Africa in his 30s before launching into a ministry career as a psychologist and pharmacologist.

After his teaching on sleep and the whole 90 minute non-REM/REM cycle, I realised that the chaos and disruption of the past several months, where it’s been difficult to pray and study, in large part has been because of too little sleep and not enough rest. So, I’m spending more time sleeping. More on this later.

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