05 September 2005

Surprises & T-Shirts

For some time now a few members of the worship team have been teasing me about using the word "paradigm" and the phrase "paradigm shift." Over the summer they've been scheming behind my back, and yesterday they dramatically unveiled new t-shirts designed and imprinted by Phill. On the front they say "Have you shifted paradigms yet?" The Dickens Heath Village Church logo is on the sleeve, and on the back, they say "To find out how to shift your paradigm E-mail: Paradigm-shift@hotmail.co.uk" They presented a special shirt to me that includes "Aho" on the back as well. Great way to take the mick out of me! And I really like it too. It says a lot about the kind of transformation we need to see reality, people, and ourselves from God's perspective. And it takes a paradigm shift. If you don't know what that phrase means, well then, e-mail me at Paradigm-shift@hotmail.co.uk! I'll reply as soon as Anton gives me the password details since he set it up for the t-shirts.

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Christie said...

I love that idea for a shirt. It sounds like the church is doing well. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you and your family are doing well. We send our hello's across the ocean. (Jeremy and I worked a bit with your church's Holiday Club during Tim and Jeanetta's stay there.)